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Funnel Growth Agency was created by David Keegan, to share his 15+ years of experience designing, building an optimizing app conversion funnels.

David worked with Apple on a demo version of Acorns installed in every Apple Store. David designed and built all of the screen in this photo, as well as the demo account logic.

David had one of the first 500 apps on the App Store and has helped multiple companies build, launch and optimize their products and registration funnels, leading to multi-million dollar acquisitions and multi-billion dollar valuations.

Millions of customers have successfully converted through the funnels he has designed, built and optimized. He has worked with companies at every stage and optimized funnels as simple as a single paywall all the way to FinTech funnels that require SSN, address and full KYC.

David spent the past 8 years helping Acorns become the largest consumer finance subscription service. Scaling from zero to over 5 million paying subscribers. During his full time at Acorns he focused on funnel optimization and retention.

David is now applying what he's learned over the past 15+ years, consulting with companies to understand and optimize their onboarding funnels to increase conversion and revenue.

David has helped all size companies and apps. Whether you already have millions of customers looking to eke out another 1% conversion improvement, or an app just about to launch with an untested funnel.

Chris Hawkins 

CEO SignNow, Acquired by Baracuda Networks 

When we sold SignNow to Baracuda a large part of what attracted them was our mobile applications, which David had designed and helped build.

Jonathan Badeen

Co-founder of Tinder, creator of the #SwipeRight

David and I worked together on several apps, he is deeply passionate and always sweats the details to design and develop great customer experiences.

David and I had worked together on several apps, his passion and ability to design and develop mobile applications is inspiring. He always puts the customer at the center of the experience.

David Packard

VP of Engineering

at Acorns

Working with David on the Acorns product and onboarding funnel was a delight. He is a master of finding simple solutions to complex problems.

We help with whatever is most pressing for your business or app.

Some of the most popular services we offer are:

  • Funnel optimization audit with “low hanging fruit” improvements that can immediately boost conversion without extensive testing

  • Paywall optimization and pricing strategy with experimentation plan

  • Metrics analysis and review, if you don’t have metrics we can also help get this setup and suggest partners and best practices

  • A/B testing experiments, if you don’t have A/B testing integrated, we can also help get this setup and suggest partners and best practices

  • Writing product specs to share and build alignment with internal team members and stakeholders

If you are looking for more help beyond funnel optimization. David also has extensive experience with product strategy and retention. He's designed and built close account flows with thoughtful friction and win backs, and designed gamification, education and other systems to keep customers engaged.

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